Elvaco - CMi2130 - Integrated MCM for Itron ECHO II and CF 51/55, Gateway for Mobile Network
Elvaco – CMi2130 – Integrated MCM for Itron ECHO II

CMi2130 is mounted inside an Itron CF 51/55/ECHO II to act as a costeffective M-Bus Metering Gateway. The CMi2130 uses standard open protocol for fast and easy integration with any existing system. The MCM is configurable by SMS and can receive software updates over the air. Its flexible and versatile design makes it simply the most powerful GSM/GPRS solution for district heating on the market.


Mounted inside the Itron ECHO II/CF meters the CMi2130 can handle up to 8 external connected M-Bus slaves. The CMi2130 requires no configuration in the field, which reduces both installation costs and the risk of handling errors. The CMi2130 unit delivers immediate installation status and starts logging meter data directly after power up.


The standard open protocol design enables fast integration into existing billing and reporting systems. Transparent M-Bus communication with GSM and TCP works with any software supporting the M-Bus standard. The CMi2130 can send meter values using FTP, HTTP and email. The email report feature prevents firewall and IT-structure implementation problems.


The CMi2130 has a flexible design with many integration and communication possibilities, which allows a wide range of customer implementations. Special needs can be satisfied by adding new functionality to an existing installation using the remote update facility.


The CMi2130 provides one of the most cost-effective solutions for district heating on the market. The integrated solution reduces the amount of equipment necessary in the field, which lowers both installation and initial setup costs. The quality and the number of options available serve to minimize the overall cost of the product over the course of its use.


The CMi2130 is built on standard SUN Java™ platform technology, a worldwide standard. Core platform and libraries are designed and tested by leading software companies. Updates and patches can easily be performed remotely, preventing unneccessary service calls or on site visits.


Elvaco – CMi2130 – Integrated MCM for Itron ECHO II

CMi2130 is a powerful and versatile meter connectivity module which is mounted inside an Itron CF ECHO II heat meter to act as a Gateway for the mobile network. The module is easily installed via text messages and is thereafter ready to read the meter by a set time schedule and deliver customized meter data reports to a receiving system via the mobile network.

Product variants:
  • CMi2130 (gen.3) Retrofit Kit (8T/128 meters), 230V, Magnet-mount antenna
  • CMi2130 (gen.3) Integrated MCM for Itron CF ECHO II (8T/128 meters)
  • CMi2130 (gen.3) Retrofit Kit (0T/0), 230V, Magnet-mount antenna

Protection class – IP64
Dimensions (w x h x d) – 56 x 65 x 21 mm
Weight – 40 g
Mounting – In Itron CF 51/55/ECHO II
Antenna – Built-in, or optionally external via SMA-f
SIM-card – Slide, standard size

Electrical connections

Supply voltage – Internal power supply
Connection – M-Bus Push-pull connector, cable area 0.2-0.75 mm²
Network – Mobile (Radio)

Electrical characteristics

Nominal voltage – 100-240 VAC (+/- 10%)
Frequency – 50/60 Hz
Power consumption (max) – <6 W
Power consumption (nom) – <1 W
Installation category – CAT 2

Environmental specifications

Operating temperature –  (-) 20 °C to +55 °C
Operating humidty – max 5 % to 90 %, non-condensing
Operating altitude – 0-2000 m
Pollution degree – Degree 2
Usage environment – Indoors
Storage temperature –  (-) 40 °C to +85 °C

User interface

Green LED – Power
Red LED – Error
Yellow LED – GSM status
Push button – Factory reset
Configuration – SMS, HTTP, GSM CSD, Telnet


Interfaces – Integrated M-Bus Master
M-Bus standard – EN 13757
Transparent M-Bus – GSM and TCP/IP (software limit does not apply to Transparent M-Bus mode)
Decryption – No

Integrated M-Bus Master

M-Bus baud rate – 2400 and 9600 bit/s
Nominal voltage – 28 VDC
Maximum number of M-Bus devices (software limit) – 128
Maximum number of unit loads (hardware limit) –  8T/12 mA (in addition to the meter in which the MCM is mounted)
M-Bus search modes – Primary, secondary
Maximum cable length – 1000 m (100 nF/km, maximum 90 Ω)


Real time clock backup – 12 h
Real time clock accuracy – <2 s/day
Script engine – Intelligent script engine for active content generation
Software/firmware update – GSM/GPRS/HTTP
Measurement reports – HTTP, HTP, SMTP (e-mail)

Data storage (examples)

Number of meters: 1 500 days
Number of meters: 8 63 days
Number of meters: 32 16 days
Number of meters: 64 8 days
Number of meters: 128 4 days

Mobile network

GPRS class – Up to 12
Band – 850/900/1800/1900 MHz


Meter implementation – Itron CF 51/55/ECHO II


Elvaco – CMi2130 – Integrerad MCM for Itron CF ECHO II