RUT950 – Industrial Cellular Router

Rugged and durable professional 4G/LTE Dual SIM cellular router
  • Rugged and durable professional 4G/LTE Dual SIM cellular router with advanced WiFi, Ethernet and industrial grade networking functionality support. Quick to deploy, easy to manage and flexible for applications across the most demanding market sectors. RUT950 is a professional industrial 4G/LTE WiFi router for IoT applications.
  • RUT950 is a high-performance industrial 4G LTE Wi-Fi router designed as a Main/Backup internet source and guarantees a reliable internet connection with high data throughput and data redundancy.
  • Compatible with the Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) for easy and secure monitoring.
  • It has four Ethernet ports, two external SIM holders, digital I/O, and signal strength status LED indicators.
  • Powered by RutOS – a unified operating system for all Teltonika Networks routers, this device is highly secure and customizable.
  • CONNECTIVITY – 4G/LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G.
  • WAN FAILOVER – Automatic switch to available backup connection.
  • WIFI – Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality.
  • DUAL SIM – With auto failover, backup WAN and other switching scenarios.
  • ETHERNET – 4x Ethernet interfaces with VLAN functionality.
  • RMS – Compatible with Teltonika Remote Management System.



  • Mobile module 4G (LTE) – Cat 4 up to 150 Mbps, 3G – Up to 42 Mbps, 2G – Up to 236.8 kbps.
  • SIM switch – 2 SIM cards, auto-switch cases: weak signal, data limit, SMS limit, roaming, no network, network denied, data connection fail, SIM idle protection.
  • SMS – SMS status, SMS configuration, send/read SMS via HTTP POST/GET, EMAIL to SMS, SMS to EMAIL, SMS to HTTP, SMS to SMS, scheduled SMS, SMS autoreply, SMPP.
  • Black/White list – Operator black/white list.
  • Band management – Band lock, Used band status display.
  • APN – Auto APN.
  • Bridge – Direct connection (bridge) between mobile ISP and device on LAN.
  • Passthrough – Router assigns its mobile WAN IP address to another device on LAN.
  • Multiple PDN (optional) – Possibility to use different PDNs for multiple network access and services (not available in standard FW).
  • Wireless mode – IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access Point (AP), Station (STA).
  • WiFi security – WPA2-Enterprise – PEAP, WPA2-PSK, WEP, WPA-EAP, WPA-PSK; AES-CCMP, TKIP, Auto Cipher modes, client separation.
  • SSID – SSID stealth mode and access control based on MAC address.
  • WiFi users – Up to 100 simultaneous connections.
  • Wireless Hotspot – Captive portal (Hotspot), internal/external Radius server, built in customizable landing page.
  • WAN – 1 x WAN port (can be configured to LAN) 10/100 Mbps, compliance IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards, supports auto MDI/M
  • Routing – Static routing, Dynamic routing (BGP, OSPF v2, RIP v1/v2, NHRP)
  • Network protocols – TCP, UDP, IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, NTP, DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, SSL v3, TLS, ARP, VRRP, PPP, PPPoE, UPNP, SSH, DHCP, Telnet, SMPP, SMNP, MQTT, Wake On Lan (WOL)
  • VoIP passthrough support – H.323 and SIP-alg protocol NAT helpers, allowing proper routing of VoIP packets
  • Connection monitoring – Ping Reboot, Wget Reboot, Periodic Reboot, LCP and ICMP for link inspection
  • Firewall – Port forward, traffic rules, custom rules
  • DHCP – Static and dynamic IP allocation, DHCP Relay, Relayd QoS
  • Smart Queue Management (SQM) – Traffic priority queuing by source/destination, service, protocol or port, WMM, 802.11e
  • DDNS – Supported >25 service providers, others can be configured manually
  • Network backup – VRRP, Mobile, Wired and WiFi WAN options, each of which can be used as backup, using automatic Failover
  • Load balancing – Balance your internet traffic over multiple WAN connections
  • SSHFS (optional) – Possibility to mount remote file system via SSH protocol (not available in standard FW)
  • ID range – Respond to one ID in range [1;255] or any
  • Allow Remote Access – Allow access through WAN
  • Custom registers – Modbus TCP custom register block requests, which read/write to a file inside the router, and can be used to extend Modbus TCP Slave functionality
  • Supported functions – 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 15, 16
  • Supported data formats – 8 bit: INT, UINT; 16 bit: INT, UINT (MSB or LSB first); 32 bit: float, INT, UINT (ABCD (big-endian), DCBA (little-endian), CDAB, BADC)
  • Protocol – HTTP(S), MQTT, Azure MQTT
  • MQTT gateway – Allows sending commands and receiving data from Modbus Master through MQTT broker

Rugged and durable professional 4G/LTE Dual SIM cellular router