Landis+Gyr T230

Elvaco - T230 - Ultrasonic Heat Meter / Cooling Meter
  • Simply the best of residential thermal energy meters with a composite-flow part.
  • Landis+Gyr T230 is part of the new generation of heat and cooling meters which use ultrasonic technology to achieve a high accuracy and long-term stability. The meter is available with M-Bus or Wireless M-Bus communication.
  • Removable calculator – individual mounting The smart calculator is supplied fitted on the measuring tube but may be mounted on the wall (split mounting) to enable ease of reading and it also helps to prevent condensation in the cooling meter. Even the for mechanical meters not allowed over-head mounting is possible without any difficulty. Whether fitted on the measuring tube or on the wall the calculator can be rotated to make it easier to read the display.
  • New use- and helpful features – Modern features simplify the handling of the meter from the installation up to the immediate identification of mounting errors. The 2 monthly set days for energy, volume and maxima are very helpful at a tenant change. Additional to the established features, such as permanent error detection and resetting of the missing time after first installation etc; additional information like e.g. activity indication and storage of maxima have been added. This creates more plausibility and helps to identify disturbances in systems.
  • Faster communication –  The T230 is equipped as standard with an optical interface according to EN 1434-3, for a faster mobile read out or for the service software UltraAssist. For the more comfortable remote read out the meter can be ordered with a factory fitted M-Bus-module. Space is available within the meter for future communication interfaces enabling an upgrade for new standards and technologies, e.g. radio communication.
  • Superiority by economic efficiency –  Ultrasonic heat and cooling meters, especially the T230, represent a promising alternative to mechanical meters. Due to their numerous advantages they will substitute the conventional meters in long term. The T230 offers a host of impressive and convincing technical advancements. For example has the T230 a significantly lower pressure loss, which simplifies the dimensioning of the meter and economizes expensive operating current year by year. Thus helps to save your money
Your needs answered with ease

The ULTRAHEAT®T230 is the new generation of ultrasonic thermal energy meter especially developed and optimized to meet residential needs. The meter has impressive features; light in weight, robust, economic efficiency, user-friendliness, and its new individuality. Improved features made for easier handling and understanding. For cooling applications the ULTRACOLD®T230 is the right choice.

Key Features
  • Ultrasonic heat meter or cooling meter
  • Ready for Smart Metering
  • Flat, removable calculator
  • Huge and easy readable display
  • Temperature range: 5-90 °C
  • Huge dynamic range: 1:1000
  • Storage for 24 monthly values
  • 2 monthly set days
  • Environmental-friendly construction
  • Fast and save mounting
  • Any mounting orientation without limitation
  • Glass-fiber reinforced measuring tube – robust and lightweight
  • Comply with the strict European directive (class 2)
  • Fast communication
  • Precise, robust, nonwearing
Technical Data

LCD – 7-digit
Energy units – kWh / MWh or MJ / GJ
Temperature range – 5-90 [°C]
Nominal pressure –  PN16 [bar]
Max. diff. of temp.  – 80 [K]
Min. diff. of temp.  – 3 [K]
Switch-off limit – 0.2 [K]
Nominal flow rate – (qp) 0.6 1.5 2.5 [m3/h]
Max. flow (qs) – 1.2  3.0  5.0 [m3/h]
Min. flow (qi) – 6  15  25 [l/h]
Operating limit – 1.2  3  5 [l/h]
Mounting length – 110  110 / 130  130 [mm]
Thread connection – G¾ G¾ / G1 G1 –
Pressure loss at qp (mounting length 110 mm) – 75 135 – [mbar]
Pressure loss at qp (mounting length 130 mm) – 135 165 [mbar]

Communication Interfaces
  • M-Bus-Interface (option), with 1.5 m cable connected, with galvanic isolation:

Norm: EN 13757-2 and 13757-3
Voltage: 50 V max.
Current: 1 M-Bus lead (1.5 mA)
Addressing: primary or secondary
Permitted mean frequency of reading: >1 min @ 2400 bd

  • Wireless M-Bus-Interface (option), with integrated antenna, pre-assembled:

Norm: EN 13757-4 and Open Metering Specification
Mode: 868 MHz, T1
Profile: Stationary or mobile reading
Encryption: AES-128 (optional)

  • Pulse output (option), with 1.5 m cable, 4 wires, pre-assembled:

Norm: EN 1434-2 class OB / OC bipolar
Output channel 1: Energy pulses
Output channel 2: Volume pulses (changeable)
Pulse significance: Standard or high-resolution


Elvaco – T230 – Ultrasonic Heat Meter / Cooling Meter