VOCORD Traffic – Intelligent traffic control system

VOCORD Solutions - Photo video recording of traffic violations
About the company
  • Vocord is a Russian developer and manufacturer of intelligent transportation systems, professional video surveillance systems and video analytics technologies «Vocord» are used to record traffic violations, monitor and analyze traffic flows, control parking space, as well as in smart video surveillance systems.
  • Vokord is a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation, a portfolio company of S-Group Ventures and Innovation Leader funds, created with the participation of the RVC capital.
  • The company’s production is CERTIFIED by ISO 9001. VOCORD solutions are distributed through a partner network in Russia and abroad. On the market since 1999.
VOCORD Solutions
Photo video recording of traffic violations
  • VOCORD Traffic
    • VOCORD Traffic R – radar speed measurement
    • VOCORD Traffic T – speed measurement by optical means
    • VOCORD Traffic A – medium speed measurement


VOCORD Traffic Features
  • Recognition of car license plates (GRH TS)
  • Measuring the speed of the vehicle
  • Photo-video fixation of more than 15 types of traffic violations
  • Check TS on real-time databases and in archives
  • Collecting traffic statistics
  • Automatic unloading of data to data centers and CAFAP
  • Additional features: detection of road incidents (requires the connection of analytical modules of the VOCORD Tahion video surveillance system)
The benefits of the system
  • System for solving 3 problems: number recognition, fixing traffic violations, collecting transport statistics
  • Number recognition accuracy – more than 98%, machine pass percentage less than 2%
  • Radar and/or optical methods of measuring speed
  • Control to 4 lanes without «blind» zones
  • Ready solution: does not require integration with other manufacturers’ hardware and software
  • No hidden costs for servers, switching equipment
  • Complexes are placed on existing roadside poles
  • Operating in all weather conditions: from -50 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius
  • Mono-mobile performance and equipment unification, making it easier to install, set up and maintain
  • Low maintenance costs: inter-processing interval – 2 years, auto-calibration, low energy consumption
Types of data collected
  • Traffic violations
  • Number, TS type
  • Instant, average speed
  • Average flow density
  • Data on location, time, trajectory of the vehicle
Fixes with VOCORD Tahion
  • Accidents, traffic jams, congestion
  • Stops TS
  • Pedestrians on the road
  • Abandoned items
VOCORD Traffic system composition
  • Anti-vandal design
stainless steel visor, resistant to corrosion
Large roundings, minimizing shock effects
High-strength polycarbonate cover
High strength of the structure due to thickening of the back wall
Installing an additional protective tube (optional)
Mounting, allowing you to keep the angle when replacing the device  2
  • VOCORD Cyclops multi-lane complex for linear sections of roads
 Built-in industrial computer
 Built-in GLONASS/GPS receiver
 Specialized VOCORD NetCam Number Recognition Video Camera
 Pulse IR Spotlight
 Radar or optical speed detection software module
 Bracket for fastening on a pole
  • Mobile complex VOCORD Cyclops Portable
 Mounting on a portable tripod tripod
 Installation in 10-15 minutes
 Controlled road width – 15.5 m
 Wireless data transfer to data center server (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi)
 Auto-calibration and automatic optimization of software settings
 Protective casing with heating system
 Battery box and power cable (optional)
 Power from external batteries
 Transport case
  • VOCORD MicroCyclops compact complex for intersections, pedestrian crossings, railway crossings
Small size and weight while maintaining high performance
Dust-a-blaze-in-force hull
NVidia-based built-in computer
Street server not needed
Lightweight, comfortable installation
Low energy consumption (up to 30 w)
  • VOCORD SMCross Switching Cabinet
Processes video information at the end of control, transmits data on wired and mobile networks (LTE/HSPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS) and Wi-Fi, provides electricity to all components of the system, protects communication and power lines.
Low energy consumption (up to 14 w)
Connecting multiple VOCORD Cyclops devices to one closet
Remote control of hardware and software in automatic mode
GOST 14254-2015
Dimensions – 300 x300 x200 mm, weight – 4.5-6.5 kg
  • SMCross components
VOCORD VeRelay6 (power management of all devices: router, thermostat, fan)
3G/4G router
Entrance power supply
Protection machines
  • VOCORD TLCross roadside cabinet with traffic line control equipment
Entering traffic controller signals
Ethernet data transfer
Electricity control equipment
Protect equipment from adverse environmental conditions
  • VOCORD synchronous lighting complex – pulse infrared spotlight
Working in pulse mode in sync with the camera and in the invisible infram range
Low Power: Turns on only at the time of shooting  2
 Safe Flash: does not dazzle drivers
  • VoCORD MicroCyclops Autonomous Work
Power from imported battery, wind generator, solar panels
Wireless Data Transfer Local Archiving


VOCORD Solutions – Photo video recording of traffic violations