ClimaVUE50 - Compact Digital Weather Sensor
  • All the common meteorological measurements with one simple digital (SDI-12) output
  • Less than 1 mA at 12 Vdc average current, making it ideal for solar-powered sites
  • Integrated tilt sensor helps assure that the sensor stays level over time
  • Low maintenance—no moving parts significantly reduces maintenance cost and time
  • 304 stainless-steel hardware for minimal surface staining in marine environments
  • No sensor configuration required
  • Compact design for quick, low-impact installation
  • Compatible with all modern Campbell Scientific data loggers
  • Detachable cable facilitates field replacement
Measurements Made Air temperature, barometric pressure, lightning average distance, lightning strike count, precipitation, relative humidity, solar radiation, tilt, wind direction, and wind speed.
Output SDI-12
Operating Temperature Range -50° to +60°C (Except the barometer and RH: -40° to +60°C.)
Minimum Supply Voltage 3.6 Vdc continuous
Maximum Supply Voltage 15.0 Vdc continuous
Minimum Digital Input Voltage
  • 2.8 V (logic high)
  • -0.3 V (logic low)
Typical Digital Input Voltage
  • 3.0 V (logic high)
  • 0.0 V (logic low)
Maximum Digital Input Voltage
  • 5.5 V (logic high)
  • 0.8 V (logic low)
Typical Current Drain @ 12 Vdc < 1 mA (average)
Typical Measurement Duration 110 ms
Maximum Measurement Duration 3,000 ms
Maximum Polling Frequency 10 s

ClimaVUE50 – Compact Digital Weather Sensor