Elvaco - CMeX20w - External MCM for ABB B21/B23/B24
CMeX20w – External MCM for ABB B21/B23/B24
  • CMeX20w is an external meter connectivity module used to collect data from an ABB B21/B23/B24 electricity meter and deliver it to a receiving system by Wireless M-Bus. The product communicates with the ABB meter by IR and will initiate collection of data immediately after start-up. It has a modular design, which makes it easy to extend an existing installation if needs are changing.
  • CMeX20 is a DIN-mounted External MCM that converts IR to M-Bus. It enables standard M-Bus communication for all CMeX Series products and DIN-mounted ABB electricity meters using IR interface.
  • The CMeX20 is ready to use with no configuration required in the field. It can be connected to a CMe Series master, or any M-Bus master following the M-Bus standard.
  • The standard open protocol design works with any software supporting the M-Bus standard. It allows any existing M-Bus system to use the product without any proprietary solutions.
  • The CMeX Series contains modules with various functions to meet a great variety of customer demands. The series contains for example I/O modules and D/A modules to read input signals or control output signals.
  • The modular and expandable design allows the customer to select a suitable level based on price and functionality. The low initial cost and the possibility to add modules to existing installations provide a future proof solution.
  • Casing material – Polyamide
  • Protection class – IP20
  • Dimensions (w x h x d) – 35 x 90 x 65 mm (2 DIN modules)
  • Weight – 100 g
  • Mounting – Mounted on DIN rail (DIN 50022) 35 mm
Electrical connections
  • Supply voltage – From M-Bus
  • Connection – M-Bus Screw terminal 0.25-1.5 mm²
  • Electrical characteristics – Nominal voltage 21-42 VDC through M-Bus connection, independent of wiring polarity
  • Unit loads – 3 mA M-Bus 2T
Environmental specifications
  • Operating temperature –  -20 °C to +55 °C
  • Operating humidity – max 80 % RH at temperatures up to 31 °C, decreasing linearly to 50 % RH at 40 °C
  • Operating altitude – 0-2000 m
  • Pollution degree – Degree 2
  • Usage environment – Indoors, can be extended with IP67 enclosure for outdoor use
  • Storage temperature –  -40 °C to +85 °C
User interface
  • Orange LED – Power/M-Bus activity
  • Interfaces – IR, M-Bus slave
M-Bus slave interface
  • M-Bus – standard EN 13757
  • M-Bus baud rate – 300 and 2400 bit/s
  • Addressing modes – Electricity meter’s secondary address
  • M-Bus information – All fields in the first telegram of the electricity meter
  • Meter implementation – ABB meters with IR interface
  • Maximum number of connected meters – 1

Elvaco – CMeX20w – External MCM for ABB B21/B23/B24