Unified Chargers - UCDC60kW Advanced and cost-effective DC fast charging stations for public and professional use. Easy installation and commissioning minimizes set-up costs and the charger is immediately ready for use.
Unified Chargers – UCDC60kW

Two UCDC30kW fast charging stations located close to each other can be connected together, giving a combined effective power of 60 kW, which can serve four cars at the same time. Charging power is intelligently distributed among the cars being charged.

Easy user interface
  • Operated by a user friendly mobile application
  • Charging status can be monitored on the screen of the smartphone, for example by a cup of coffee in the warmth of a restaurant
  • START-STOP button option available when no user identification is required


UCDC60kW – four-car fast charging field
  • The field allows four cars to be fast charged at the same time
  • The total available power of 60kW is intelligently distributed among the EV’s being charged, optimizing the charging time
  • The availability of fast charging is improved and the investment per parking space in minimized
  • The power of the charging field remains constant regardsless of the number of EV’s being charged
  • The charging field owner decides how many CCS and/or CHAdeMO pistols to put in the field (later changes are easy to implement too)
Advanced DC fast charging station
  • The charging field is implemented by connecting two UCDC30kW fast charging stations with a cable with patented technology
  • UCDC30kW is the smallest and lightest DC fast charger on the market
  • Suitable for urban environment and narrow spaces
  • Suitable for all EV’s regardless of the brand
  • The stations can also be mounted on a wall mount
  • Easy installation and introduction minimize establishing costs and the charging stations are immediately ready for use
  • Made in Finland
Payment platform for selling charging
  • The owner of the charging field can sell charging to EV’s with a ready-made payment platform. The owner decides price level and the way of pricing (c/min and/or c/kWh)
  • Customer pays for the charging with a debit card as in mobile paying at gas stations today
  • No registration, no monthly payments, no prepayment and no inconveniant and risky RFID tags
  • Stations can also be equiped with a debit card reader
  • Charging revenue is credited and usage reports are provided to the station owner on a monthly basis
  • Payment service commission is deducted from the charging revenue
  • API interface enables customer specific special solutions


General specification
  • Environment Indoor / outdoor
  • Operating temperature -35 °C to +40 °C
  • Input AC power connection 2 x 3P (50 A) + N + PE
  • Input voltage range 400 VAC +/-10% 50 Hz
  • Efficiency 94% at nominal output power
  • Network connection GSM / 4G modem Ethernet
  • Protection IP54
  • Base unit dimensions (D x W x H) 320 mm x 510 mm x 1460 mm
  • Weight 80 kg + 80 kg
  • Charging standards CCS, CHAdeMO
  • Maximum output power 60 kW
  • Maximum output current 180 A
  • Output voltage range 50 – 500 VDC
  • Connector / socket type CCS 2, CHAdeMO
  • Cable lenght 4,2 m

Unified Chargers – UCDC60kW