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IoT Platform and SCADA Software

SENTRA Systems offers an exhaustive set of instruments to collect data, transfer it securely, store and process it, analyze and visualize it both locally and in the cloud. Our platform is based on a fully scalable, modular on-premises / edge architecture, which allows the user to manage its systems according to the specific IoT needs and processes.



Explore SENTRA Systems and allow the modern IoT solutions to contribute for the increase of your business effectiveness.



Sentra offers tailored solutions for a reliable monitoring and management for the energy and water-supply infrastructure, disaster management and critical infrastructure. Our team will support you throughout the whole process of design, installation, 24 / 7 management and control, integration with other systems and etc.

Smart Cities

Intelligent street lighting; Connected devices and infrastructures (incl. EV charging stations and smart bins), our solutions are there to ensure decrease of electricity and water consumption, keep people moving efficiently, optimize resources consumption and CO2 emissions.


Making your home safer, more intelligent and providing you with a higher level comfort and better lifestyle is one of Sentra's main aims.


Modern Telemedicine solutions allows healthcare organizations and service providers to benefit directly from the current IoT boom. This uncovers totally new client-orientated sectors and business models.

About us


By using our end-to-end solution for IoT security automation, encrypted communication, private certification and active protection, Sentra's clients can benefit from an increased safety for their connected devices.

We make it easier for our customers to build and deploy connected devices and IoT networks that solve real-life problems and create value - both for the public and private sectors.


We work to develop modern IoT solutions that always work. A trustable, connected world, in which the machines help us to solve our daily problems, to make our lives easier and create more human prosperity than we could ever imagine.


Our mission

We aim to become a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for the fast developing IoT market. We derive our work on adopted well known standards, both for the software and hardware products.

Our approach

We can develop and deliver a taylored IoT managed service, based on module integration of end devices, high-security encrypted communication and software that are simple to deploy, integrate and scale. We also enable our clients to have instant access to their data through our SaaS cloud services.

Management policy

Our integrated management system enables a continuous improvement of all important project development and management processes – Sentra currently holds three ISO certifications: ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011; ISO/IEC 27001:2013; ISO 9001:2015.

NEWS & Press Releases

Distribution Partnership
Sentra and RST Instruments are proud to announce their Distribution Partnership. RST Instruments is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of geotechnical, environmental and structural monitoring instruments and data collection systems.

Project BG16RFOP002-1.001-0452-C01
Sentra signed a grant contract with the Managing Authority of the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" for the implementation of project BG16RFOP002-1.001-0452-C01.
Press release in Bulgarian language : BG16RFOP002-1.001-0452-C01.pdf

Project BG16RFOP002-1.005-0287-C01
Sentra signed a grant contract with the Managing Authority of the Operational Program "Innovation and Competitiveness" for the implementation of project BG16RFOP002-1.005-0287-C01.
Press release in Bulgarian language : BG16RFOP002-1.005-0287-C01.pdf


From companies manufacturing sensors and IoT devices, to systems integrators, solution providers and software developers, our partnering network allows us to cover the whole IoT environment and thus to offer quick integration and fast deployment of the desired solution.

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